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The setting sun burns a crimson trail... On the outskirts of a superstitious town, a nervous groom steps inside the ominous church, his only greeting, the stares of those within... 

Having been coerced by his overbearing mother to marry his distant cousin; the daughter of the wealthiest man in town, he enters the church and is greeted by the wedding party, which includes the Father of the Bride; a repulsive man obsessed with his wealth, his servant; a hopeless romantic, the maid of honour; a chaste young woman and the priest; an old man with a suspiciously distinctive eye patch.

Save the date, send in your rsvp, and dry clean your Sunday best; The Wedding is an hour of gothic horror and comedy, exploring the story of an ill-fated wedding in the distant land of Latnovia. Combining elements of physical theatre and clown, the show explores conceptions of marriage, repression of female sensuality, and puritanism. 

“Laughter will come in waves, the initial laughs of delight and genuine surprise promoting secondary self-conscious giggles. It is a real credit to the performers and the direction that this rollicking show can also find moments of real pathos and genuine emotion amidst the stitch inducing plot.” -  Irene Corbett for Theatre Scenes.

"The Wedding has the explosive energy of an improv show, but with a sharp-shooter delivery. It voiced many of my own feelings about the church and marriage, all while making me laugh non-stop.” - Aidan Dayvyd for RATWORLD Magazine


Get That Circus Out of My Lion! is an original and innovative circus theatre show that combines modern clowning, bouffon and spectacular circus skills. This show is a raunchy comedy that follows the story of the members of the Latnovian National Circus as they mourn the passing of their late ringmaster. Prepare for illicit love affairs, a drunken ringmaster, a cottage pie and the ashes of a dead father.

The combination of Get that Circus out of my Lion!'s comical narrative, hilarious characters and spectacular circus artistry makes for an evening not to be missed.


Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 10.03.50 PM.png

What do you get when a wicked Magician, a Granny and a Monkey walk onto a stage?

An excellent afternoon at the theatre, that's what.

Charles Steals the Show is a family friendly circus-theatre show created to share our love of theatre with little ones aged 4 and over. Charles the Magician has let his magical powers go to his head, and he's slowly stealing the show by putting spells over everyone in the circus!  Jingles the Juggler, Larry the Lion Tamer and Kozo the Clown are all at a loss, Charles is playing tricks on them and is slowly turning them into animals...but Granny Kath is on her way and she's ready to teach Charles a lesson with her Aerial magic. 

Will Charles Steal the Show? Or will Granny Kath save the day? We know your family will have a fabulous afternoon with us at the Theatre either way!



Two cleaners (clowns) begin their disinfection routine, armed with snorkel masks, rubber gloves, flippers, a spray bottle and a mop. Their clean evolves from the imaginary space and a wary social distance to cleaning each other as they reconnect through physical exploration using acrobatic and clowning devises. 

The piece is a warm and comedic celebration of connection and community.  Prepare for tearaway overalls, red nose snorkel masks and two naive clowns trying their best to respond to a roller coaster of shifting alert levels.

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