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Our Story

Like many strong relationships, ours was founded in unpaid rehearsal time and the shared struggle of working in the arts...

Oops sorry, we meant love for theatre!

After three years of Drama School, company founder Mel just hadn't quite had her fill of wine fuelled late night academia. She decided that pursuing a Masters Degree researching Circus Theatre was a good way to extend her student debt and began investigating methodologies for devising physical theatre with the unpaid labour and love, of ex-classmates Aaron, George and Grace.

With the supervision of Dr Pedro Illgenfritz and Dr Leon Tan, we began creating a full length devised theatre work that used elements of circus, physical theatre and clown. Books were read, trapeze was tried and the actors spent a lot of time trying to be funny...and then trying to be funny on a trapeze.

We learnt that as a collective we share an appreciation for the universal language of the body, we love to make work that is humorous, honest and absurd and we are passionate about creating theatre that slips a sneaky bit of social dialogue in through a smile.

We also learnt how to make theatre that uses physical discipline, character archetypes and an extra daily use of the body to tell stories that are engaging, uplifting and truthful.

Our company members have trained internationally in Balinese Mask, Physical Theatre and Commedia dell'Arte and enjoy working with Aerial Circus, Handbalance, Puppetry and Clown. A Fool's Company are now a committed theatre collective focused on making sustainable theatre. To date, we have created five original shows and a roving street act and have our sixth play currently in the making. We believe our work has developed a unique flavour over the years and encourage you to indulge in a free sample...or three.

Critical Acclaim


  A Fool's Company is the ultimate, original court jester - allowing us to share in their self-awareness of the issues of our time while keeping us engaged with comedy, fantasy, absurdity and escapism.  

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